About Defender

Trifles make perfection!

Defender has been following this idea for 20 years, providing home and office working places with computer accessories for day-to-day work.

Our goal is to make every working place ergonomic and comfortable.

Alongside the technical progress we strive for new heights: we upgrade technical specifications and refine on design, expand the range of goods and make technological innovations.

The brand history

 How it all began Defender is aimed to protect comfort. The brand history began in 1990, when protecting screens for monitors were an urgent concern. Since then Defender began to protect users from computer detrimental effects. Today Defender helps you to protect yourself and your equipment from power line disturbances and surges, from hand diseases, from dust and dirt, from low-quality sound and from general inconvenience of your working place.

Defender today

Since 1992 Defender offers a wide range of products and provides various computer accessories: mice and keyboards, speaker systems and headphones, cleaning supplies and consumables, surge filters and shredders, headsets, microphones, power supplies, cables and much more.

Now Defender is deservedly popular brand and one of computer and office accessories market leaders. One of the most worthy traits of our products is good value for money. Keeping a close watch on the computer market development we offer the most recent technological solutions at a reasonable price.

Defender products won the most prestigious awards conferred by the leading printed and electronic editions.

Defender products are manufactured in Western Europe and East Asia. All manufacturing entities are certified in accordance with the international quality standards.

Defender Brand has the large dealer network, so the whole range of products is available in all regions of the Eastern Europe, growing dealers network in North and West Europe and major locations of Asia.


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