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Computer and office accessories

These cases and folders are specifically created to protect your mobile device from damages and also to ensure maximum comfort in use.

Defender offers a wide variety of fashionable laptop bags and sleeves that will ensure maximum protection for your equipment from damages. Imposing businessmen, students, avid travelers and elegant ladies will be able to find the model that will satisfy their needs and match their image in this section.

Advanced technology devices require advanced care! High quality accessories will make it more comfortable to use and to care about your cell phone, PPC and photocamera.

Car holders for mobile devices ensure safe and comfortable use of your mobile device in a car. Stands for mobile devices allow to place the device conveniently when used at home or in an office.

You will be impressed with the variety of mousepads in Defender product line. It contains standard and ultra-slim mousepads of different size and shape with silk, plastic and microfiber surface. Special gel filled pad on some models removes the strain from your wrist through the continuous work with a mouse.

These small useful accessories are as popular today as they were five years ago. First of all because special mousepads for optical mice ensure precision of tracking and help to keep the sensor clean. With Defender mousepads you can easily brighten and change the appearance of your working place.

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