Mouse pads

Computer mouse pad Defender Silk Pad Nature
Thin mats coated with silky tactile. Picture "plays" in the light. The collection focuses on the nature of any user. Basis of natural rubber non-slip mat on a work surface.
Gaming mouse pad Defender GP-700 Thor

Big sized gaming mouse pad for optical and laser mice. The size is 350 x 260 x 3 mm. Smooth surface, non-slip base.

Gaming mouse pad Defender GP-800 Viking
Big sized gaming mouse pad of textured fabric for optical and laser mice. The size is 405 x 285 x 3 mm. Non-slip base.
Mouse pad Defender Defender Mago 3D

Stylish mouse pad with unique "3D-effect" surface. Durable textured "mesh" surface, non-slip rubber base.

Mouse pad Defender Magic woman

Fabric covered mouse pad with gel cushion for the wrist, having the appearance of a girl. Ergonomic shape of the gel cushion removes the strain from your wrist through continuous work with the mouse. Piquant design elates the mood.

Mouse pad Defender Easy Work

These mouse pads are specially designed for those who work a lot with the mouse. Thanks to the special gel filled pad your wrist will be less tired after the work.

Mouse pad Defender Notebook Microfiber

This big microfiber covered mouse pad is multifunctional. You can also use it as a cleaning wipe to dust the monitor and as the protective liner between the screen and the keyboard of the closed notebook.

Ergonomic mouse pad Defender Ergo opti-laser

Ergonomic mouse pad with special surface texture ensures well-defined positioning of the cursor. This model has the shape of the mouse motion path, optimal thickness and non-slip base. Light-reflective particles prolong the life time of a wireless mouse battery.

Ultraslim mouse pad Defender Silver Laser

This ultraslim mouse pad is specifically designed for laser and optical mice. The surface texture ensures precise positioning of the cursor. The mouse pad does not slide along the table surface.

Mouse pad Defender Silk

These slim mousepads with silk covering are pleasant to the touch. Printed picture plays in the light. The collection with animals and textures is women oriented. Natural rubber base prevents sliding along the working surface.

Mouse pad Defender Turbo

These ultraslim mouse pads are designed for comfortable work with the most types of mice. Male-users will enjoy this continually refreshing picture collection. Mousepad base prevents sliding along the working surface.

Mouse pad Defender Juicy Sticker

It is a collection of ultraslim mouse pads with juicy, appetizing fruit images. Thanks to the special base these mouse pads stick to the table with any surface and do not slide during the work. Defender Juicy Sticker of the Opti-laser series are specifically designed for optical and laser mice.

Mouse pad Defender Sticker

These ultraslim mouse pads have sticky base that allows to glue them to the table surface. Thanks to this base the mouse pads do not slide along the table, and stay fixed even under active mouse movements (for example, during a computer game playing)

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