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Speaker Systems

Tiny speaker systems from Defender feature quality sound, compat size and stylish design. All these speakers are USB powered and do not require external power source. Thanks to compact lightweight design you can easily take such speakers with you.

Defender 2.0 Active Speakers are classic speaker systems. Many experts still consider this type of classic computer speakers the only true way of audio reproduction. In Defender product line there are tiny laptop speakers, medium speakers and also multimedia "monsters" with powerful bass and wide dynamic range of sound.

These three-component speaker systems with subwoofer allow to enjoy music, movie or game quality sound effects in a small-size room. This type of speaker system is an optimal choice for home use. Almost all models from Defender product line have wooden subwoofer and speakers with magnetically shielded case that allows to allocate them beside the monitor.
With Defender 5.1 and 5.0 speaker systems you can surround yourself with rich and detailed sound. Six-component active speaker aystems from Defender product line are suitable for computers and home theaters as well.
All Defender 5.1 speaker systems have magnetically shielded speakers and are provided with remote controller and cables for connection to DVD player.
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