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Cleaning wipes is the most effective way to remove dust and dirt from different types of surfaces. Lint free Defender cleaning wipes are pre-moistened with special solution for anti-static treatment.
You can also find scented cleaning wipes in our product line; wipes with pineapple, orange, apple and tropical flower flavors are available.
Defender product line contains a wide range of cleaning supplies for all types of screens: pre-moistened wipes with special solution for soft treatment, dry lint free wipes, cleaning kits of "dry+wet" wipes and spray-cleaner. All these supplies remove dust and dirt safely and softly; they also remove static electricity and ensure streak-free cleaning.
These cleaning supplies are suitable for cameras, bloomed optics and lenses with anti-reflective coating. There are special pre-moistened wipes and multipurpose microfiber wipes in Defender product line. All cleaners for laptops are available in compact packages that easily fit a laptop bag. There are also cleaning supplies for screens and cases of small-size mobile devices.
Special-purpose cleaners are suitable for small parts of your equipment, such as CD and DVD-lenses or hard-to-get-to sections of keyboards and other devices.

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