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USB Cables

Extension cable Defender AM-AF USB 2.0

Cable for connection of peripheral devices such as mice, digital cameras, card readers, etc.

Кабель соединительный USB(M)-Lighting(M) Defender ACH-01
Кабель соединительный USB(M)-Lighting(M), 1м
Adapter cable microUSB (M) / HDMI (F) Defender MHL 08
Adapter cable microUSB (M) / HDMI (F)
Adapter cable microUSB (M) / USB (F) Defender USB OTG
Adapter cable microUSB (M) / USB (F)
Adaptor cable Lightning (M) / USB (F) Defender APL-OTG
Adaptor cable Lightning (M) / USB (F)
Connection cable Defender A-MicroB USB 2.0
Connection cable.
Connection cable Defender AM-BM USB 2.0

These up-to-date USB cables support USB 2.0 High Speed data transmission at up to 480 Mbps rate. They are suitable for connection of mice, digital cameras, card-readers and other peripherals to PC.

Extension cord Defender USL 111

Extension cord

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