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Defender headset is a necessary tool for online chatting, speech recognition, voice-activated game control or just for listening to music. Quality sound headphones and sensitive microphone will help you to enjoy the world of games and online communications.
Defender headset is even more convenient in use, thanks to its long cord (up to 4 meters) that will allow you to enjoy working or gaming at a distance.
The models from this section are compatible with the most types of sound cards and do not require installation - just plug the headset in and enjoy your game.
With Defender headphones you will enjoy high quality sound in comfort, thanks to convenient headband. Handy long cord and volume controller will add some more comfort in use. You can also find wireless headphones operating within 15 meters from the receiver in Defender product line.

All Defender microphones are ideal for home karaoke (except MIC-112). Such karaoke microphone offers excellent value for its price.

Though it is limited, frequency response of Defender microphone is optimal for home use. There is no need to overpay for professional device and use only 20-30% of its capacity.

Each package contains necessary batteries and adapters.

This section contains webcams for videoconferencing.
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