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Power Protection

Defender surge protectors ensure reliable safeguard for your appliances from current overloads, short circuits, RFI, impulse noise, surges and spikes. All models are made of durable incombustible ABS plastic, and almost each one has child-safe outlets.
Defender product line has a wide range of surge protectors: from basic-level Defender ES models to the most complex Defender NRG PRO, that provide reliable safeguard from any type of noise and Over Voltage Protection as well.
You will need an automatic voltage regulator to protect your appliances from constant over or under-voltage and line noise.
Automatic voltage regulators are widely used all over the world, because constant over or under-voltage has negative effect on electrical equipment operation. Thanks to special technical solutions, the power consumption of Defender automatic voltage regulators does not exceed 7 W.
Thanks to special multicomponent internal protection system of Defender voltage regulators, their long lifetime is ensured. You can keep them switched on for a long time and leave your appliances in Standby mode.
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